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Revolutionizing Industry Insights

With the power to unveil thrilling insights for Thought Leadership and B2B marketing, data science is a game changer. But it comes with a catch - it demands massive investments of time and resources.


Enter Bang Analytics! Our mission? To offer custom-made data science products that reveal striking insights into the dynamics of talent and leadership decision-making across all sectors. The cherry on top? They're set up to deliver recurring content, which we then tailor and enrich to fit your needs.

And that's where many companies hit a wall.

Unveiling Talent Mapper: Your Ultimate Guide to Labour Market Dynamics

Let's introduce Talent Mapper, our game-changing tool that utilizes LinkedIn data to answer a key question: "How is the market changing?" We're talking about tracking the flow of talented professionals across industries and what it tells us about the broader economic scene.

talent mapper - case study

With Talent Mapper, predicting tomorrow becomes a piece of cake. It's fast, it's reliable, and it can generate insights from a 10,000-person sample, tracking any industry, anywhere across the globe.

Wondering where the largest talent pools are or what their skillsets look like? Want to know how they're moving across industries and who's winning or losing? Need to track specific skills and roles to understand today's trends shaping tomorrow's marketplace?

Talent Mapper has got you covered


Decoding Decision-Makers: A Dive into Stakeholder Signals

Shifting from the macro to the micro, we have another ace up our sleeve. While Talent Mapper monitors the subtle, industry-wide shifts, Stakeholder Signals offers a sneak peek into the minds of top decision-makers by analyzing the news and analysis pieces they share online.

stakeholder signals - case study

Think about it - what we consume shapes our perspective, whether you're a rank-and-file employee or a CEO. If a topic catches your interest enough to share it publicly, it's made a lasting impression on you.

Stakeholder Signals leverages this principle, unveiling the themes and topics simmering in the minds of today's decision-makers that could become tomorrow's policy.

Artboard 1_4x-8.png

Let's circle back to the main advantage of our products: automation. Both Talent Mapper and Stakeholder Signals are designed to generate recurring insights. But we don't stop there.

We take those insights and transform them into stunning visualizations, then go one step further to craft additional bespoke components for each case.

stakeholder signals

The result? Data science products that are not only insightful but also eye-catching and tailor-made for your needs.

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