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The only data science content agency for B2B marketing

Easily create smarter content

Creating unique content that uses data as evidence is key to communicating your story. This requires specialized talent, budgets, and time that many organizations simply don’t have. Bang Analytics taps into myriads of data sources to make your content more innovative, engaging, and scalable.




Data Science Products

Choose from a range of products to track what’s in the mind of CEOs, power through thousands of job ads, or aggregate LinkedIn profiles to create innovative, scalable content.


Outsourced Head of Data Content

You have data; we have ideas. We strategize, concept, and then deliver innovative, competitively-priced and automated data content.


Environmental data

We use satellites to tell your story from above. From environmental changes to tracking warzones, we generate unique, headline-generating content.


Database building

The economy runs on data; We parse PDFs or combine online data to build and automate any database to generate sales or content.


Data Visualization

Convey your story in an instant and make it memorable. From tailored micrographics for social media to stunning infographics and animated video data-viz.


Software development

We conceptualize, PoC and deploy software by gathering data from various online sources to generate content and sales.

Our Experience

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Our Work

Our Work

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Building software to measure the impact of Thought Leadership in real time is a challenging and fun task. 


Our team designed a machine learning model that measures brand awareness and Thought Leadership impact by ingesting data from social media and Press news. It then outputs a composite score based on a list of metrics we developed to benchmark a company against its peers.

Thanks to its versatility, TROI has become a key component of our client's content and sales strategy.

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Many sheets of survey data, one goal; Build insightful, eye-delighting content. 


We found the story, clearly conveyed it, segmented it into different content pieces and used data visualization to make the data gorgeous.


We then delivered a series of reports focusing on how misinformation hurts brands' image and revenues.

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Consulting Seekr on their news quality model


Working closely with an experienced data science team, Bang Analytics has advised on tailoring the model behind its revolutionary news search engine.


The end model scores Press stories based on multiple criteria such as headline exaggeration/clickbait, ad hominem detection, and a subjectivity classifier.

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Operating in super-tight timeframes, we white labeled for a partner company and iteratively crunched Deloitte’s survey data. 


By clearly visualizing the main story points to inform a series of content pieces around the future of the Medical Technology sector and the technologies that will shape it we produced a series of insights that fed into this report.

Reforming diagnostics

Turning challenges into enablers

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Talent Mapper and Stakeholder Signals are powerful tools that simplify the complexity of data science for thought leadership agencies and producers.


By harvesting online data, Talent Mapper reveals talent movements across industries, while Stakeholder Signals uncovers the thoughts and influences of key decision makers.


These innovative solutions provide valuable insights to shape tomorrow’s decisions, saving time and resources in the process.

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Ukraine 2021 vs 2022

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When a think tank in Brussels urgently requested data about the war in Ukraine, we knew satellites were the answer. Using our Environmental Data product, we detected excess fires across Ukraine in 2022 versus 2021 to create animated maps of Putin’s war of destruction in Ukraine. 


The result was a stunning piece of content extensively used in their events.


About US

Data scientists joining B2B marketers.

We are a different content agency. We treat every project like it’s an investigation. What’s the most exciting story we can tell? How can we back it up with actual data? How can we make the end user understand the bottom line easily?

We’re a team of data scientists, B2B marketers, and data journalists. 

We have built a unique agency in Shoreditch, London, giving organizations new ways to tell their stories.

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